1978-1985: Medikamente RU Leiden
1985-1989: PhD Research IRSC Paris
1985-1990: Phd Universität Leiden Thesis 19-10-89: Tumormarkers in Pancreatic Carcinoma
1988-1990: Surgical training Leyenburg und Bleuland Hospital
1990-1-10-1994: Orth. Training Orthopaedie cluster AMC/SVZ/Hsum
1-10-1994: Registration as Orth Surgeon
1994: Fellowship Traumatology an Foot/Ankle surgery Harborview Seattle

Current functions:
Orthopedic surgeon and co-owner; AVE-Orthopedische klinieken
Orthopedic surgeon and co-owner; OrthoHaus

Previous functions:
1994-1997: Chief Orth.Traumadept. Univ. Amsterdam AMC
1997- 2010: Chief Ortho/ Traumadept Hilversum Hospital

Management/ Presidencies:
Treasurer NVOT: 1995-1999
Chairman Ned.Ver.Orth.Traumatologie:
Member Stafmaatschap ZKNHS Hilversum: 2000-2008
Member Scientific committee Tergooi Hospitals: 2009 – heute


  • Ärztekammer für Steiermark
  • Ned.Orthopaedische Vereniging
  • Ned.Ver.Orth.Traumatologie
  • AO Alumni
  • Am.Foot and Ankle Society
  • KNMG
  • Orde Medisch Specialisten

Congres organisation:
First Indonesian AO course: Surabaya, 1995
SICOT: Amsterdam, 1996
PAOG: Amsterdam, 1994,1995,1996,1997
Jaarcongres NVOT: 1996 en1998
Gem. NVT-NVOT congres: 1997
Biomechanical Bonehealing: AMC, 1999
Nexgen Usersmeeting: Zknhs Hilversum, 1999
Centre of Excellence Total Knee replacement: Baarn,
Nexgen Usersmeeting: Zknhs Hilversum, 2000
The Ligament balanced Knee systems; kniesymposium: Hilversum, Sept 2003
Kneesymposium: Hilversum, May 2005
Kneesymposium: Hilversum, April 2006
Osteoporosis an Update: Hilversum, May 2006
Unicondylar Knee Replacement: Hilversum, June 2007
Houdt Hockey Gezond !?: Laren, Nov 2008
Hilversum Knee Symposium: Hilversum, Oct 2008
Hilversum knee symposium: Hilversum, April 2010 DV
GP education: AOG: 1994-1997
DUO dagen ZKNS Hilversum: 1997 en 1999
Seminar “Zonnestraal”: 1998
Nascholingdagen Huisartsen Gooi: 1998, 1999,2000, 2001

Scientific Interests:
Posttraumatic corrections
Foot and Ankle
Low intensity Pulsed Ultrasound
Knee replacement Surgery
Spine Surgery


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